We try to deliver the products with a minimum required courier charges and the requirement is cited in the website and no other extra amount out of this charges us. The courier charge varies from Rs 30 to Rs 60 only.

Once placing the order , the items are expected to be at its final destination which is in your hands within a period of 5-7 working days. External factors such as unexpected strikes and unforeseen events might delay the delivery but we constantly try to push the speed.

Once we confirm your order, our dedicated team will go through a final quality assurance checkup on the ordered products. Only after fulfilling the required standards, will the items be cleared for packaging. Our packaging staffs make sure that your products are packed in such a way that it doesn’t inherit any damage during transportation or be tampered with in any way. A quality check on the packaging will be done in a brisk. Once cleared, the package will be handed over to the courier service provider. A tracking number will be generated and sent immediately to your registered mobile number and email address. The progress and status of your shipment can be checked whenever you wish. Once you receive the package, please make sure to read the order details pasted on the package and make sure to cross check to avoid any future inconvenience.

You will receive invoice with all the necessary details. The receipt will have details regarding the order, price, GST, address and everything mentioned under Indian Law.

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Payment us taken from you when your order is dispatched from our store.

However, when you place your order online with us your bank may ‘reserve’ the payment from your account, doesn’t settle this payment until your order is dispatched.

Wish list is a section in the page where you can accumulate all the products you want to buy either immediately or on a future date. All the items saved in the wish list can be retrieved easily at any time of your choice. You don’t need start from scratch. You can directly go to your wish list and add your saved products to the cart easily saving your valuable time and effort.


We Policekaki try our level best to limit such an inconvenience. But if such unfortunate situations arise, please feel free to contact us immediately via email or phone numbers provided. You can also report the issue at our website. We will try our level best to resolve the issue as soon as possible and replace the damaged item with a new one.

We encourage customers to use the wish list feature more often so as to avoid such confusions and have clarity on both ends. Because once you’ve placed an order, we don’t entertain either changes to be made in the order list or cancellation. We assure you that this measure is taken as a precaution for customer benefit. However if in case you receive damaged product, we will be sending you a new unit of the same item with immediate effect

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